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Introduction to ROK Construction

Introduction to ROK Construction Services
ROK Construction Services is a full service Construction Management firm. Its team members have over 25 years of experience in all aspects of the construction industry. ROK utilizes RokWorks, its custom web based management system, on all projects to achieve maximum efficiency in communication and accountability with all team members.

ROK Project Goals
Construction of any kind involves a significant number of participants; from tenants, architects, engineers, municipalities, and builders to subcontractors and suppliers. ROK Construction Services team will coordinate and function as a team leader in assuring that the participants perform their roles in sync with each other. ROK is a full service Construction Management / General Contractor firm. We will service all your firms’ construction needs, from a small renovation to a major new facility. Our team members will assure that:
  • Proper scope definition and subcontractor selections will result in the most efficient project costs.
  • Proper project management and superintendent supervision is utilized to reduce project costs while assuring high quality and timeliness.
  • ROK and its team of subcontractors will explore all possible value engineering for project savings.
  • Utilization of a project cost tracking system that utilizes forecasting potential cost situations.
  • Critical path schedule will be used and maintained as a project tool.
  • Project close out system to ensure smooth completion and turnover.

Construction Administration Procedures
Construction uses AIA documents exclusively for all project contracts and procedures. Accordingly, ROK assures that all construction activities will be thoroughly documented. The following are brief descriptions of our procedures:

Construction Scheduling
Issue a detailed critical path construction schedule. The schedule will be developed using historical data and with input from team subcontractors. The schedule will be maintained and updated weekly.

Construction Billing and Status Reporting
The subcontractor billings will be reviewed for accuracy and an AIA billing format will be utilized for the monthly billings.

Construction Change Orders
All change order proposals will be reviewed for accuracy and value engineering before presenting to Arbor for review and approval. Change orders that have been authorized, and proposed change orders, will be tracked on the cost status report.

Certificate of Occupancy and Project Closeout
    i. Conduct all municipality inspections.
    ii. ROK conducts a pre completion punch list walk thru, 1 week prior to project completion. This will minimize the number of items on the final punch list.
    iii. After final punch list is created ROK will coordinate the subcontractors to have all items completed within 2 weeks.